Jérôme Godard

Whatever the medium where the picture is. Picture is the center of any aesthetic feeling, personally speaking. Static or in movement, by photos or videos what counts it is the trace.


This pictures some put it down on paper or slip it under the skin.


Filming the act to tattoo becomes then obviousness, the marriage of techniques, which always converge on a same goal: create picture and strong picture!


Being tattooed but not tattooist, nothing of this would happen if i didn’t met Stephane.

The movie " Atelier 168 " testifies trust that he gave me the first time to manipulate his world.

The film " Graphicaderme " arrives and the one about the "Chaudesaigues Award" too, it touches me particularly because he is more personal.


From raw material will come the price of accomplishment in a way, worker of pictures who perpetuates a know-how and by his creativity go over.


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