Each year over the course of two days, an increasing number of artists come from around the world to bring life and bright colors to downtown Belfort. The event attracts an average of 3000 visitors and 100 exhibitors, while a team of thirty volunteers is always on hand to ensure that everyone is having a great experience. A variety of shows and exhibitions also punctuate the weekend, joining in the familiar and soothing hum of the tattoo machines.


There are several reasons behind this convention. First off, tattooing has suffered long enough from misinformation and a less-than-favorable image with the general public. We see conventions as a place for exchange and discovery, where skin art can reach its full potential of expression. We want this gathering to serve as a showcase for tattoo arts, a place where an increasingly informed audience can discover talented artists. We focus on artistic diversity and aim to bring together a wide range of cultures, so the audience can experience art from around the world in one place.

The efforts of generations of convention organizers over the years have led to a wider acceptance of body art; tattooing isn’t the stuff of sailors, jailbirds or prostitutes anymore. Tattooing has evolved to the point where it has found its place in modern society, out in the open. Building on the success of Eurockéennes, the International Film Festival "Entrevues " and FIMU, Belfort and the surrounding region are now steeped in artistic culture.

The tattoo convention fits well within the city’s cultural landscape, making Belfort its capital for the weekend. The specialized press as well as local and regional papers will converge to the convention, giving both the event and the city extensive media coverage.



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