Mannikin to rent - Worldwide first


Corpus Industry Inc. was born on the 1st of January 2010 in Rochecorbon (France) and was founded by Camille Bertin. Halfway between corporal special effects and the reconstitution of real anatomic bases (bones, muscles, skin...), Corpus Industry proposes hyperrealisticstattooable and pierceablemannikins.


Those one of a kind and patented throughout the world products have the property of being tattooable thanks to the same techniques than the one used on a real human body (equipment, skin resistance, tattoo artist sensations and identical esthetical results). This product asks the user a short adaptation amount of time so he can discover all its functions.


The use of those mannikins is varied:


Shop window decoration,

Possibility to show the tattoo work on a 3D anatomic format



Because the tattooer is also an artist, he can now realize exhibitions of his own tattooed works.


Learning of the tattoo techniques,

The hyperrealisticmannikin, as far as the representation of the skin pores, can be used as a didactic support for the apprehension of the machine.




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