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The art of tattooing has seen an incredible expansion in recent years because of its mainstreaming and recent commercialization. As a result, it has created a powerful industry with many satellites, as is the case for the tattooing supply industry.


Finding good tattooing equipment in 1980s in France was no easy task. Mail ordering outside our borders or going for a visit to the UK, the Netherlands, or the US was business as usual for French tattoo artists to get their hands on the supplies they needed. Additionally, and without stereotyping, French people have difficulty with foreign languages, and since the tattoo lingo is very particular to each country, it was adding that many more barriers to practicing the tattooing craft. So the question was never: “should I buy?” but it always was: “what do I buy?” “And where?” “And from whom?


For the more talented artists of the older generation, there always were a few jealously kept secrets of the trade. Choosing a spring for the machine was an art onto itself and could make all the difference, as was the case for the preparation of the pigments they used. Due to the times, there were as many trade secrets as there were artists, all generated by a great lack of a shared tattoo pool of knowledge. Because of the mysticism and social stigma surrounding the profession at the time, which was both a way to protect trade secrets and a situation imposed on the artists, the evolution of the art of tattooing was slow and laborious.


Conventions were tradeshows as much as they were art expositions, and entertainment. They were, and still are today, a great way to trade, buy and sell equipment, information, knowledge, etc. Ian and Vincent from Lucky Seven Supply did just that while attending tattoo conventions during in the past two decades. They made connections between the best pros of the industry while absorbing all the available knowledge those pros were willing to trade in order for Ian and Vincent to create products of an exceptional quality. The duo became a hub, a go-to destination for knowledge and advice, often acting as mediators between conventions and artists.


Today, the availability of the best tools and knowledge no longer hinders the professionals of the trade from creating art that is both original and well crafted. For that reason and for many more, Lucky Seven is launching their new website, and aim to make it a hub for professionals to find supplies, information, and a community.

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