Needlejig Tattoo Supplies is owned by Marc Lescarbeau who has been tattooing since 1992. The company’s mission is to supply exceptional equipment in a timely manner and at a reasonable price without sacrificing customer service. Needlejig started with the “Round Magnum Jig” in the late 90’s in order to lower the trauma to the skin during tattooing by transferring the resistance equally to all of the needles within the grouping. The jig was based on some conversations with various old times over the years whose friendships he holds sacred. It did not take long before the artists who loved the “Round Magnum” needles to start asking for them premade along with other daily use items and Needlejig slowly grew into the full service supply company that it is today.


These days Needlejg offers over 140 different needle groupings that are made with #12, #12 textured, #10 and even #8 bug pins. Needles are definitely the company’s main focus but they also offer their own line of inks called “Prime Pigments” as well as “Clear Rinse” translucent disposable tubes with 3 sizes of comfortable rubber grips and “In House” made tattoo machines. In addition Needlejig carries stainless steel tubes, medical supplies and just about everything else you need on a regular basis including some of the best brand items in the business.


Needlejig is still growing in a constant effort to better the products that it provides the industry that has been so good to Marc throughout the years. Needlejig works closely with some of the best tattooers in the world and is listening to all their customers in order to improve or add new products whenever there is a demand. Please visit in order to learn more about the company and the “Round Magnum Theory” that started it all.

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