On its pages we present art inspired by human body, expressed through the body, and above all made directly on it...


"Tatuaż - Ciało i Sztuka" is the first tattoo magazine from behind the Iron Curtain, the first publication about this subject matter from countries of the former communist block.


Before us there was nothing, everyone's eyes were turned on western, highly developed and great organized scene of the tattoo. And today? Today we can observe the intense development of the Eastern European tattoo, with the thriving stages of Poland, Hungary, Russia or the Czech Republic... We are proud of the fact, that for all these years we could play an important part of the process of tattoo development and its artistic ennoblement and that we could see professional making of tattoo becoming a profitable business.


Today we're known everywhere, and our fame crossed the borders of Poland and Eastern Europe a long time ago. We were and we still can be seen in Poland and in the world. Our quality and substantial level is much more higher than many other western publications. These days a lot of tattoo magazines from Poland and rest of post-Communist countries are following our footstep, that’s why we can boldly state that we are the magazine of the success, ambition and the art!


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