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The Chaudesaigues Award, a tattoo competition unlike any other

A diehard tattoo fan or just interested in this body art form? Welcome to the official site of the Chaudesaigues Award. With just a few clicks, you’ll find all the information and resources you need linked to our tattoo competition unlike any other. A summary of what awaits you on this site.

Understanding the concept behind the Chaudesaigues Award

Our website allows you to understand the concept of the Chaudesaigues Award in a single page. A tattoo competition unlike any other, it rewards one tattoo artist each year by popular vote not for just one tattoo, but for their entire career. More than just dedication, it’s a way of encouraging people to do better.

Who votes in our tattoo competition unlike any other?

Usually, a tattoo judging panel would choose the winner in a regular tattoo competition. With the Chaudesaigues Award, our team wanted to switch things around and leave it up to the public. This means that you and only you vote for the artist that you believe deserves to win our tattoo competition the most. A special page has been created on our website to gather your votes.

Who can take part in the Chaudesaigues Award and how do they sign up?

The Chaudesaigues Award is closely linked to Cantal Ink, a summer tattoo convention where the big winner is announced each year. To take part, just tattoo during the Chaudes-Aigues Tattoo Festival. We explain how to sign up and take part in a unique adventure set up in 2013...

An exceptional trophy for a one-of-a-kind tattoo competition

At an exceptional tattoo competition, there should be an exceptional prize! Since the first Chaudesaigues Award was given, we’ve placed our trust in sculptor Jean-Baptiste Martin. Each year, this Auvergne-adopted artist forges Le Cœur des marguerites, a profoundly organic trophy melding veins, flowers and locks. We tell you more about this trophy’s unusual story and an even stranger one about its creator.

The list of Chaudesaigues Award-winners

Designed to represent the past, present and future, our website means you can see who has won the Chaudesaigues Award in the past. American James Kern and Italian Matteo Pasqualin fall into this list and invite you to delve into the world of contemporary tattoo talent.

The story behind the Chaudesaigues Award

Our website tells you the story and the origins behind the Chaudesaigues Award. The story starts with a little village in Cantal called Chaudes-Aigues and moves on to Eusèbe Chaudesaigues of the same name, Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur and founder of the Chaudesaigues Award at the Paris School of Fine Arts, and ends with a tattoo convention known as Cantal Ink.

The honorary members of our tattoo competition

For supporting us when we needed them or because they’ve been by our side from the beginning, for their friendship or because of their extreme tattooing talent, they count among the honorary members of the Chaudesaigues Award. They include The Bugs, Carlos Torres, Joshua Carlton, Bob Tyrrell, Joe Capobianco and Alex de Pase.

The sponsored partners of our adventure

The Chaudesaigues Award is a tattoo competition sponsored by a handful of loyal partners: see who they are on our website. They include World Wide Tattoo, Inked magazine, the information site Tattoos.fr, tattooist association Tatouage & Partage and the tattoo shop group Graphicaderme.

A page to download goodies

Want a Cantal Ink wallpaper or Facebook cover photo? Our goodies are just the thing for you. Choose from our selection and spread the word about the Chaudesaigues Award!

How do I contact the Chaudesaigues Award team?

You can easily contact us and ask questions via the official Chaudesaigues Award site. Want to tattoo at the next Cantal Ink festival and be in with a chance to compete for the Chaudesaigues Award? Want to become a partner of our event? Click on the Contact tab, leave your name, address, email and your message. We’ll be sure to get back to you asap. See you very soon!

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