Members of Honour

  • Bruno de Pigalle

    jury chaudesaigues award Bruno de Pigalle Bruno de Pigalle – whose real name is Bruno Cuzzicoli – is no less than the first man to have officially tattooed on French soil. In the sixties, he opened a tattoo studio in Paris: unheard of at a time where there was still very little tattoos.... Read more

  • Shane O’Neill

    jury chaudesaigues award Shane O’Neill Shane O’Neill owes his reputation to Ink Master, a programme in which he was named winner of the first series. But this American can only owe his talent to himself. An expert in black and white portraits, he is one of Cantal Ink’s most loyal friends and even has his own tattoo convention – the Steel City Tattoo Convention.... Read more

  • Nikko Hurtado

    jury chaudesaigues award Nikko Hurtado Nikko Hurtado is the leader in realistic and colourful pop culture style portraits. Breaking Bad, Star Wars, Steve Jobs and even Bill Murray are just a few of the stars in this Californian’s galaxy. This guy tattoos the best of America’s on-screen talent.... Read more

  • Carlos Rojas

    jury chaudesaigues award Carlos Rojas A member of the American Black Anchor group just like Nikko Hurtado, Carlos Rojas doesn’t shy away from his love for animated cinema, bringing Ninja Turtles and Mr Jack into his world with surprising ease. A longstanding friend of Cantal Ink, he counts as one of the honorary members of the Chaudesaigues Award.... Read more

  • Laura Juan

    jury chaudesaigues award Laura Juan The Madrid-based tattoo artist Laura Juan regularly lights up the Cantal Ink festival with her unparalleled talent for realism. Children, animals, Catrinas: nothing is too much of a challenge for her and her tattoo artistry. Equally passionate about drawing and painting, she’s been creating art since the age of nine – that explains it...... Read more


    jury chaudesaigues award BORIS I was born in Zalaegerszeg in 1972, I still live here. I made my first tattoos in 1992, using amateur equipment. In the following 2 years besides studying and working I made tattoos whenever I had the possibility, then I opened my current studio in 1995.
I participated in the 1996 Budapest Tattoo Expo first, where I won 2 awards and i have been taking it seriously since then.
In the first years I learned the profession alone. I met some tattoo artists in 1996, who accelerated the learning process.
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    jury chaudesaigues award ANDRÉA  AFFERNI Andréa Afferni, Italian Tattooist is specialized in Realistic Tattoos. Portraits, Famous People, Animals and a new style invented and called "Magnetic", which is an optical effect created by light and shadow as a picture frame all around a realistic drawing.
 He loves details of any work he chooses.
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    jury chaudesaigues award ST MARQ ... Read more

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    jury chaudesaigues award JOSHUA CARLTON After getting his start in Corvallis Oregon, Joshua Carlton has now been tattooing for over 20 years. Travelling the country, Joshua’s rise to the main stream was a long one comprised of dedication and sleepless nights.... Read more


    jury chaudesaigues award TIMOTHY HOYER Timothy Hoyer is a self-taught tattooer and painter. Coming from an artistic family, he was exposed to oil painting at a very early age and always dreamed of a career in art. He began tattooing in New York City in 1989, followed by a stint at Primal Urge in San Francisco before settling in Richmond, VA for several years,... Read more

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