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    jury chaudesaigues award SHOTSIE GORMAN Born December 11, 1951, Paterson, New Jersey Former martial arts instructor/ Nidan (Second rank of Black Belt) in Kobayashi Shorin- Ryu, Multi media Sculptor, Arts educator, 33 year Professional Tattoo Artist, Co-founder/ Former Vice President of, Alliance of Professional Tattooist, Published non- fiction, Journalist, Poet, Author Poetry collection THE BLACK MARKS HE MADE Proteus Press Albany NY, Publisher Tattoo Advocate Journal, Former owner of Shotsie's Tattoo? Studio's in Wayne and West Milford NJ. ... Read more

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  • BUGS

    jury chaudesaigues award BUGS Bugs is recognized as one of the most unique artists in the tattoo world. Originally from France his strongest influences are Braque, Franz Marc, Maillol and other artists from this period. ... Read more

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    jury chaudesaigues award CARLOS TORRES Carlos has been tattooing for about 15 years. I remember the day he brought home his first machine and how excited he was. Mostly self taught, he worked at a couple of tattoo shops before he got his big break at So. Cal Tattoo in San Pedro CA. It was there he learned the most and started to perfect his tattoo portfolio. Specializing in Black & Gray realism, he loves doing all tattoos, color, portraits, etc.. ... Read more

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    jury chaudesaigues award AARON BELL I grew up in the Orange County California punk rock scene. I drew flyers, painted leather jackets, and tattooed friends/bandmates throughout the 1980’s. I began my ‘professional’ tattoo career after moving to Seattle and serving an apprenticeship in 1993. ... Read more

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    jury chaudesaigues award GOETHE Goethe started Tattooing 18 years ago in his Home town Durango Mexico. And for the last 8 years he has lived in California USA. Goethe's work is focused in Dark Black and Gray Prehispanic Art. That represents the rich culture he comes from and therein has taken to a new level. ... Read more

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    jury chaudesaigues award ALEX DE PASE Hey this is Alex de Pase! I was born in the 1975, Italian tattoo artist, I’m a self-taught, and my interest and passion for tattoos come out more or less 20 years ago. Today I live and work in Grado, a small island in the north east of Italy, not so far from Venice. I never went to art school, but I studied arts and techniques by myself to use some artistic concepts that are proper of paintings in my tattoos.
My passion for drawing was indeed passed over to me by my mum, when I was a child. At the time she used to paint a lot and I, always on her side, would scribble over paper and smear all furniture…. ... Read more

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    jury chaudesaigues award DOMINIQUE CROS alias MISS PIC I started getting involved with tattooing in 1986. I have a passion for this art form and I am grateful to people who entrust me with decorating their skin. My pictorial research led me to focus on drawing realistic models using colored pencils. ... Read more


    jury chaudesaigues award JOE CAPOBIANCO Joe Capobianco is a refined artist in the field of airbrushing and tattooing. For over 19 years Joe has utilized various techniques and mediums in order to create some of the most fascinating pinup style pieces, resembling those of the late 1950s with an added modern flair.... Read more

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    jury chaudesaigues award BRIAN EVERETT Brian Everett (New Mexico, USA)"Portraiture is the pursuit of capturing the soul," he says. "It's important that you catch that likeness, that sparkle." Beginnings When he was twelve years old, young Brian was an apprentice to one of the great painters in the southwest, Karl Von Hassler. Affiliated with the exalted Taos Painters, Von Hassler was known as the Dean of Albuquerque Artists and was revered for his depictions of the New Mexican people and panoramas. ... Read more

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    jury chaudesaigues award MADAME VYVYN  LAZONGA The shop's owner, Vyvyn (Pronounced Viveen) Lazonga, began tattooing in 1972 apprenticed under one of the last of the great old timers, C.J. Danny Danzl. Vyvyn has had a shop in the famous historic Pike Place Market since 1989. ... Read more

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